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Urban STP Plant Our Client

Urban STP Plant under the supervision of Netsol Water has been working for more than 12+ years in India's urban area to treat wastewater & solve water problems. We are the leading Effluent and Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in India. We are also leading Industrial and Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in India. Our clients include small, medium & large industries, households, educational institutions, hospitals, labs, hotels, restraunts, and many more.

Our Mission

We are steadfast in conveying the best client experience by giving the most important arrangements.


We are committed to upgrading the client experience by offering a list of demonstrated items.

500+ Projects

Conveyed with consistency and constant improvement.

500+ Customer Satisfaction

Conveyed with consistency and constant improvement.

Leading Manufacturer

We are a main ISO-confirmed maker of water arrangements.

Cost Effective Solutions

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Solution Deliver By Urban STP Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

Urban STP Plant Top Most driving Conservative Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in India, begins fabricating other wastewater machines – Smaller Sewage Treatment Plant 5kld, 5kld bundled STP, Sewage Treatment Plants, and Zero Fluid Release Plants to shield ” Mother Earth Assets ” – Save Water Now.

Sewage treatment plants are essential for safeguarding public health, protecting the environment, and conserving water resources. They play a crucial role in managing urban and industrial wastewater, reducing pollution, and ensuring that the treated water is safe for its intended purpose, whether it be returned to the environment or reused in various applications.

To Buy STP | ETP Plant

Are you looking for STP/ETP consultation, or need to buy a STP Plant / ETP plant for your premises.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Urban STP Plant is a main Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers in India. An ETP Plant is utilized to make water more satisfactory for an ideal end-use. ETP Plant covers the components and cycles used to treat waters that have been polluted here and there by anthropogenic modern or business exercises preceding its delivery into the climate or its re-use.

Most enterprises produce some wet waste albeit ongoing patterns in the created world have been to limit such creation or reuse such waste inside the creation cycle. Nonetheless, numerous enterprises stay subject to processes that produce wastewater.

Effluent Treatment Plants are crucial for industries to responsibly manage and treat their wastewater, preventing pollution and protecting natural water resources. These facilities help ensure that industrial activities are conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner while complying with local, national, and international environmental regulations.

Commercial RO Plant

Urban STP Plant is a Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers with its Central command in Noida, India. A Commercial RO Plant is utilized to eliminate the unsafe iron substance from the water

Commercial RO plants provide a reliable source of high-quality purified water for businesses and institutions where water quality is critical. They offer a cost-effective solution to meet the demand for clean water while helping to minimize environmental impacts through proper brine disposal and energy-efficient operation.

why choose us?

Urban STP Plant is taken part in a large number of administrations in numerous enterprises and works all through the World. Our administrations incorporate, the particular suggestions of water treatment equipment, starting the establishment of water conditioners, and switch assimilation and filtration frameworks with the advantage of our continuous precaution upkeep and backup help

Urban Sewage Plant Manufacturer

Urban STP Plant Vision

We Help People to get Pure Water with No Water Wastage.

Decrease water wastage and simultaneously hold minerals in Commercial RO Plant with the world’s best ‘Zero Water Wastage’ Innovation presented by Urban STP Plant.