Commercial RO Plant 250 LPH

250 lph reverse osmosis system (RO System) is intended to purify drinking water by removing contaminants like chlorine and sediment. A prefilter filters out these impurities before forcing water through a semipermeable membrane to filter out dissolved particles. After the RO membrane, the water goes through a postfilter to polish it before leaving the system and coming out of your kitchen faucet. Industrial Ro Plant is the best ro plant for the clean water in industrial use.

Product Details:

Storage CapacityNill
Plant ApplicationCommercial RO Plant
Installation/Civil WorkIncluded
Inlet FittingYes
Automatic GradeAutomatic
RO Capacity (Liter/hour)100 LPH (Liter/hour)
Number of Membranes in RO1 or 3
SkidStainless Steel
Voltage Requirement220 V

Need of 250 LPH Commercial RO Plant

For small to medium-sized areas, a 250 LPH RO plant is the perfect plant as this is frequently utilized in hotels, dining establishments, colleges, and schools.

The 250 LPH RO plant produces 250 liters of water every hour. Fresh and clean water is required at all times, and we provide it for activities like drinking and washing. Netsol provide commercial 250 LPH plant in best range.

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